Modern control engineering choudhury pdf

Modern control engineering choudhury pdf

It is fair to say that safety is always a No. 1 priority in substation design, operation and maintenance. Share with your Modern control engineering choudhury pdf friends!

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Another extremely important substation engineering aspect is associated with safety protection. Unlike the case where a higher reliability required a larger investment, we can’t put a price tag on safety since there is no such thing like working conditions being more or less safe. There are numerous laws, rules, codes, etc. The main mission of all these regulations is safeguarding of personnel from hazards arising from the installation, maintenance or operation of substation equipment. If that can’t be met, live parts should be guarded or enclosed. For example, the bottom of a post insulator supporting an energized bus does not normally have any potential.

There should be sufficient illumination for personnel to clearly see their surroundings and perform any work safely. Part 3: Electrical Substation Engineering Aspects by Boris Shvartsberg, Ph. You are providing knowledge with minimum. Most importantly Arc Flash Calculations shall be done and safe distances shall be marked. In India Client does not worry much of Arc Flash Studies. Click here to cancel reply.

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