Pdf pdf with text archive.org

Pdf pdf with text archive.org

Part 1: Use of PDF 1. PDF is a standard for encoding documents in an “as printed” form that is portable between systems. The goal was to address the growing need to electronically archive documents in a way that would ensure preservation of their contents over an extended period of time and ensure that those documents would be able to be retrieved and rendered with a consistent and predictable result in the future. This need exists in a wide variety of government pdf pdf with text archive.org industry areas worldwide, including legal systems, libraries, newspapers, and regulated industries.

A standard does not define an archiving strategy or the goals of an archiving system. It identifies a “profile” for electronic documents that ensures the documents can be reproduced exactly the same way using various software in years to come. All of the information necessary for displaying the document in the same manner is embedded in the file. Audio and video content is forbidden.

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All fonts must be embedded and also must be legally embeddable for unlimited, universal rendering. Colorspaces specified in a device-independent manner. Use of standards-based metadata is required. External content references are forbidden. A documents in a single file. A-2 file by moving from XFA key to the Names tree that itself is the value of the XFAResources key of the Names dictionary of the document catalog dictionary. Interactive PDF form fields must have an appearance dictionary associated with the field’s data.

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