Reading images the grammar of visual design pdf

Reading images the grammar of visual design pdf

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This study examines how emotive meaning is represented in visual images using the semiotic resources of facial expression, touch and body orientation. Complementing the cognitive metaphorical interpretation, the visually represented emotive behaviors are theorized as partial iconic representations of real life behaviors, which are in turn indexes of emotion. The systems are then used to explain how emotive meanings are represented in comic books. The analysis shows that cartoonists’ systemic choices for representing emotions are largely consistent with the coding accuracy of facial behaviors on the one hand, and style guidelines advocated in comic handbooks on the other.

Through the examination of both American and Japanese comics, it is demonstrated that the social semiotic lexico-grammatical approach is not only effective in explaining the emotion resources in nonverbal behavior, but also useful for investigating cultural differences in the visual depiction of emotion. The paper studies the representation of emotive meaning in comic books. The nonverbal semiotic resources are formulated as inter-related systems of meaning. This method pinpoints the cultural difference between American and Japanese comics.

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